Well hey there! I'm Jess and I feel like this is a dating profile. I like long walks on the beach and chocolate ice cream.

Well actually the chocolate ice cream part is true, but then again I love all ice cream.

I live in Southwest Florida with my best friend who is also my husband. In March it will be two years of marriage, and I can fully say that I am still a big fan of him! 

We live around a whole lot of family, and we are big fans of the community of friends around us. 

After 3 colleges (go FSU), 4 majors, and 5 years, I am finally on my last semester and will graduate on May 1st!

My favorite color is blue, but ask me tomorrow and it will be different. 

My favorite meal is ice cream. Don't think that's a meal? I don't think you are correct.

I love being outside on the water or laying in some grass looking at the sky. I am really good at finding animals in the clouds. 

I have an addiction to strawberry wafers, especially if they are from the street markets of Nicaragua. 

I cry all the time, especially at commercials with sweet old people. Gets me every time!

I'm not allowed to watch trailers for scary shows or movies becuase they give me nightmares. 

I'm a big fan of people and watching them fall in love with Jesus and battle with him through life. 

I hope you enjoy reading whatever this becomes!